We have a state of the art research lab to handle a wide range of scientific formulation development with supporting analytical testing. Our fully equipped analytical laboratories with the latest analytical instrument help to accelerate formulation development efforts. We have designed and developed a diversified group of drug products using wide range of technologies.

Some highlights of our infrastructure are:

Facility :
Facility of Formulation Development

Equipment for solid oral dosage forms
• RMG, Rapid Dryer, Blender etc.
• Compression machine
• Auto coater
• Capsule filling machine
• Fluid Bed Processor

  In-process instruments
• DT apparatus
• Friabilator
• Hardness tester
• Vernier, Balance etc

Novel equipment
• Spray dryer
• High pressure homogenizer
• Fluidized Bed Processor
Facility of Analytical Development

Products :
Picture of different formulation product